Network for Neotropical Biogeography

Scientific interactions across disciplines and taxa

Welcome to the Network for Neotropical Biogeography!

The NNB is an international network of scientists from all disciplines working on different aspects of Neotropical biogeography. Everyone is welcome to join!

Tropical America – the Neotropics – is the most species-rich region on Earth. Understanding the mechanisms underlying the historical assembly and evolution of this extreme biodiversity constitutes a major challenge in biology, and will require hitherto unrealized inter-disciplinary scientific collaboration.

The primary goals of this network are to: 1) Promote scientific interaction; 2) Stimulate the exchange of material, students and researchers; 3) Increase inter-disciplinarity between different fields; 4) Discuss and plan joint projects and grant applications; 5) Stimulate collaborative field work and reciprocal help with field collection of research material; 6) Inform on upcoming events, recent papers and other relevant material.

We plan to organise a satellite symposium at each meeting of the International Biogeographical Society (every 2nd year), as well as short meetings in between.

The NNB was established during a symposium at the BioSystematics conference in Berlin (February 2011), by the initiative of Alexandre Antonelli, Toby Pennington, Colin Hughes and Isabel Sanmartín.

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