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Alexandre Antonelli

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Other/given name(s) : 
Family name: 
Gothenburg Botanical Garden
Area of Taxonomic Interest: 
All taxa, but focus on Rubiaceae, Campanulaceae, Chloranthaceae, Poaceae, Orchidaceae, Gunneraceae


Biomes or regions of interest: 

All Neotropical biomes, but emphasis on Amazonia and the Andes

Research interests: 

I am puzzled by the outstanding species richness in the Neotropics. To identify potential causes for diversification in the region, I attempt to reconstruct the place, time and conditions under which biotic radiations have taken place.

I am especially interested in combining recent insights and techniques from several fields of knowledge: botany and zoology; palaeontology, geology and molecular phylogenetics; ecology and systematics. I believe that only by combining evidence from each of these disciplines will we truly understand the origins and evolution of Neotropical biodiversity.

I am more driven by interesting research questions than particular taxonomic groups.

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